Travel To Germany: The New Gourmet Heaven On Foodies Radar

Travelling to Europe has been on every foodie’s bucket list. Germany is one such country that is becoming an extremely popular travel destination, especially for Indians. The Oktoberfest is one such festival in Germany that is on the bucket list of every foodie. And now, Germany is offering more than just the Oktoberfest for foodies to explore. The country boasts of traditional recipes, regional products, farm-to-table recipes and creative chefs. Germany combines the old with the new in a way that makes for some truly amazing food.

Each region in Germany has some delicacies that taste particularly good – be it cutter place in Hamburg, cucumber salad in Berlin or white sausages in Munich. In the region of Northern Hesse, for instance, the specialty is the ‘Ahle Wurscht’ sausages – made with pork, pepper, caraway and garlic and are matured in special curing chambers. Meanwhile, the delicious ‘Matje’ fish comes from a small town in lower Helbe. It is served in ‘fillet’ style along with onion rings, apple slices or gherkins. Modern interpretations can even include a curry-banana sauce or a herby dip. Coming to the Saxon Metropolis region, one can find the delicious ‘Leipziger Lerche’ pastry made with a crusty exterior filled with almonds, nuts, strawberries and marzipan. Sounds delicious, right?

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Germany has plenty of options for people who love fine dining. Photo Credit: Germany National Tourist Office

Apart from local delicacies, Germany also has plenty of fine dining options. The Schanz restaurant in Piesport, has been recently awarded the coveted three Michelin stars. Berlin remains the gourmet capital, with over twenty-four Michelin-starred restaurants while Munich has sixteen. Beer and wine too have plenty of varieties in different cities, shaped by a love for tradition and a desire to innovate.

So, plan your next trip to Germany to please the gourmand within!

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