Mindy Kaling shares ‘surprising fans’ reaction

Mindy Kaling is sharing ‘surprising fans’ reaction to the Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, calling it the “biggest surprise.”

Speaking to PEOPLE about developing the third season, the show’s creator revealed that she was surprised by the reaction she received from fans regarding the series.

“This is a show that we thought only a certain group of people would like, and that wasn’t the case,” she explained. “And it gave us confidence to explore more of these storylines that we felt that previously, we would’ve been like, ‘That seems too specific, people aren’t going to like it.’ So yeah, that’s been the biggest surprise to me.”

Mindy also expressed how much of herself is reflected in the plot — and its characters.

“One of the great things about a show like this, and creating it, is that every character, I think, represents a different side of my personality,” Kaling, 43, told PEOPLE at the Never Have I Ever season 3 red carpet premiere on Thursday.

“I am impatient, like Nalini [Poorna Jagannathan] and sort of no nonsense,” she explained. “I feel, like [I have] the same attitude about young people and efficiency that she has.”

“But I really do relate on a very, like, cellular level to Devi [Maitreyi Ramakrishnan] and her want — her desire of being loved and accepted and wanting a boyfriend. That all feels so — that really mirrors my childhood,” Kaling shared.

Kailing added that the actresses contribute unique aspects to the show’s relatability, and drive home the points of belonging, love, and acceptance.

“I feel so lucky to have Poorna and Maitreyi, these incredible actors, who can just, like, bring that to life in a way that we never could’ve even imagined as writers,” she said.

Season 3 of Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.

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