Harry Styles likes to protect romantic relationships from his fans

British singer Harry Styles is talking about his personal choices!

In a new global cover story interview with Rolling Stone, the former One Direction member spoke in-depth about his choice to protect romantic relationships from his intense fans and why he’s long decided to keep his sexuality to himself.

“I’ve never talked about my life away from work publicly and found that it’s benefited me positively,” Styles, 28, told the outlet, knowing fans and other spectators are going to discuss his life no matter what he says.

“There’s always going to be a version of a narrative, and I think I just decided I wasn’t going to spend the time trying to correct it or redirect it in some way.”

Additionally, Styles revealed he’s been going to therapy more often over the past couple of years. “I committed to doing it once a week,” he said. “I felt like I exercise every day and take care of my body, so why wouldn’t I do that with my mind?”

Continuing on the aspects of life he prefers to keep on the down-low, Styles spoke about fan speculation about his sexuality.

While he’s currently in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, the “Watermelon Sugar” musician doesn’t think his seemingly public romances should define him, as he’s the only one who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

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