Which men’s college basketball teams lose the most minutes to players who transfer out?

Welcome to the final installment in our series on college basketball’s new era of frequent transfers.

First we considered the most significant modern-era transfers into and out of more than 80 of the nation’s leading men’s programs across the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, AAC, Big East, Big Ten and ACC.

Then we quantified the impacts of granting an additional year of eligibility and of the NCAA’s adoption of a one-time transfer rule for revenue sports. We found that last season transfers accounted for 40% of the minutes played at major-conference programs.

Today, we bring this discussion to a close with a look at out-transfers — or players who transfer out. Is the trend toward more major-conference minutes for incoming transfers matched by a correspondingly high rate of departures? Which programs are losing and/or burning through the most talent?

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