‘Sleeping Beauty of Palermo’ is a little girl who died 100 years ago

“Sleeping Beauty of Palermo,” the impeccably preserved body of Rosalia Lombardo. Photo: Instagram

About 100 years ago, the world’s most beautiful mummy, Rosalia Lombardo died at the age of two.

The little girl died right before her second birthday as a result of pneumonia. Experts say that it is likely that she caught pneumonia due to the Spanish Flu during the 1918 influenza pandemic, reported News18.

According to reports, Rosalia’s body rests in a glass coffin and is showcased at the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo in Italy’s northern Sicily.

To preserve the body well and avoid its deterioration, the glass case is filled with nitrogen gas.

Some theories suggest that she is a haunted girl who has blinked at some tourists. While Capuchin Catacombs has nearly 8,000 corpses and 1,284 mummies, no other body is as well-preserved as Rosalia’s.

Her blonde hair and fair skin that is still intact shock people. Some theories allege that it is actually a wax statue. However, laboratory tests have debunked these myths proving that the body is in fact real.

The Mirror reported that tests had shown that only Rosalia’s brain had shrunk 50%. All the other organs were in place in their original form. Her skeleton is also perfectly intact. Reportedly, a Sicilian taxidermist and embalmer, Alfredo Salafia, mummified the little girl.

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