Pablo Escobar’s Mansion Turns Luxurious Hotel In Mexico; Read Details Here

A property believed to have belonged to the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar has now been turned into a luxury hotel, ETTravelWorld reported. The mansion, which was once used for clandestine meetings with smugglers, is now owned by Colombian art dealer Lio Malca.

It was originally discovered in 2003, a decade after the death of Escobar–and was purchased by Malca in 2012. The mansion now contains indigenous buildings for meditation, a luxurious private cenote in the pool area, and a spa.

Reportedly, it took a total of two years to restore the mansion, and was tastefully decorated to host a slew of celebrities who crave private time away from the public eye; and was then opened in 2014.

“Lio has preserved the bucolic charms of the place and has included several artworks signed by renowned artists, such as Jeff Koons, Basquiat, Keith Haring, and a rare sculpture by Kaws,” Ana Prado Contti, a Brazilian luxury real estate broker who visited the hotel, told Jam Press.

She added that several celebrities have been there, such as actress Cara Delevingne and model Elle Macpherson.

The real estate broker also claimed that locals believe the house is still part of Escobar’s family. “On the streets, people assure you that the house is still part of Escobar’s family,” she told Jam Press. According to the hotel’s website, the mansion contains a whopping 71 boutique suites and rooms.

It spans a colossal 193,750 square feet with 590 feet of beach frontage. Several antiques are featured throughout to bring a “natural” experience.

Art installations, Persian rugs, paintings, books, and furniture are tastefully scattered throughout the property for a “one-of-a-kind” experience. The mansion also contains high-rise ceilings and walls made completely from concrete. They encompass the area of the mansion and are accented with heavily patterned flooring.

The bedrooms in the restored hotel overlook the coastline through panoramic windows and the primary suite features black walls and flooring with a rainfall shower and dual sinks- likely where Escobar himself stayed.

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