Fans are obsessed with how Robert Pattison’s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse responded to a man hitting on her

Suki Waterhouse recently revealed how she got hit on by a man and politely turned him down by telling him she has a boyfriend — notably A-lister Robert Pattinson, with whom she’s been in a relationship for years.

In a recent clip posted to her TikTok, the 30-year-old musician is seen walking through a parking lot while a man tries to talk to her. She then proceeds to walk away from him and says “bye honey,” before her eyes widen in front of the camera.

The man goes on to follow her and ask for her number, prompting Waterhouse to respond: “Oh no, I have a boyfriend.” The 15-second clip ends with the model running away from the camera and through the parking lot.

The text over the video also reads: “When a man is trying to hit on you but all you want to find is a med man.”

As of 1 September, Waterhouse’s video has more than 2.1m views, with TikTok users in the comments praising her boyfriend Pattinson.

“I have a boyfriend……. he’s Batman,” one wrote, while another said: “You don’t have A boyfriend, you have THE boyfriend bestie.”

A third person jokingly wrote: “Literally dating Edward Cullen.”

Other viewers expressed how the man appeared to be unaware of the fact that Waterhouse was dating the Twilight star.

“I think the guy would have freaked out if he knew WHO her bf is,” one TikTok user commented.

“Someone find this man. I need a reaction to him finding out not only who she is but who her boyfriend is lmao,” another added.

A third person wrote: “I would pay BIG money to see that guy’s reaction when he went home and googled who her boyfriend is.”

Multiple people praised the actor’s reaction to being hit on in the video, one of which wrote: “BYE HONEY is such a power move.”

Pattinson and Waterhouse have been together since 2018. While the pair tend to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, Pattinson did reveal toGQ in 2020 that he was living with his girlfriend in London. During another interview with the publication in February 2022, he also shared more insight about his relationship with Waterhouse and how she changed his perspective on zoos.

“I was talking to my girlfriend last night and she was, like, ‘You know, people don’t really like zoos,” he said. “I’d been thinking about a metaphorical thing. But then I was thinking that’s very wrong, a sad bear walking in circles.”

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