Cat slaps Turkish sports analyst Huseyin Ozkok on live TV

— Screengrab via Instagram

A video of a Turkish sports analyst is making rounds on social media where he can be seen getting slapped by a cat. 

Turkish journalist Huseyin Ozkok was being broadcast live when the incident took place. Netizens were amused by the cat’s guest appearance.

Ozkok was speaking when the cat appeared behind him. “Did you bring your cat?” the anchor asked him.

Immediately, the cat started slapping the analyst on his head while he laughed it off.

Now This News posted the video on their Instagram saying, “people from all around the world who have had their pets crash Zoom calls during the pandemic can probably empathise.”

The comment section was full of laughing emojis with the video receiving millions of views.

“Cat gotta keep him humble,” a user said jokingly.

“This made me laugh way too much,” said another.

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