Why did New York ban whipped creams for those under 21?

A Person Putting Whipped Cream on the Pancakes.— Pexel

A law has been enforced in New York, US, where individuals under the age of 21 are not allowed to buy whipped cream cans, reported Newsweek.

While the law actually came into effect in November 2021, utility stores have realised it recently. 

The law was passed to protect teenagers from nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, which is present in canisters.

US Senator Joseph Addabbo told Newsweek that while nitrous oxide was a legal chemical for professional use, improper use can be lethal.

Concerns about teenagers getting high using these cans and inhaling nitrous oxide, called “whippets” led to the law. Therefore, those below 21 are not allowed to buy the dessert topping anymore.

If a convenience store sells these cans to a teenager, they will be fined $250. 

Nitrous oxide can give feelings of euphoria and cause low blood pressure, heart attack, and even sudden death. Long-term effects include psychosis and memory loss.

Addabbo said that teenagers considered it a safe product which is why they used it to get high. 

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