Victoria Beckham leaves fans confused with new Instagram video

Victoria Beckham, who has been in news for a dispute with her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz Beckham is now making headlines over her changing accent in a bizarre Instagram video.

The former Spice Girl uploaded a makeup tutorial using her own-brand beauty products on Sunday, and while her 30 million followers gushed over her skills, it was her voice that really got fans chattering.

Viewers of the video were left baffled by the Essex-born star’s accent, pointing out: ‘I never remember her being that posh whilst in spice girls.’

Last week, Victoria’s eldest son Brooklyn, 23, showed off his multitude of accents during an online interview – sparking widespread ridicule.

As she demonstrated how to achieve her ‘signature smoky eye’ with the Victoria Beckham Beauty’s new eyeliner, fans were distracted by the star’s posh pronunciation.

I love her but I swear she didn’t always sound like this certainly not in spice girls days I know she’s posh spice but girllll’ commented one follower.

‘I love her don’t get me wrong just never remember her being that posh whilst in spice girls,’ another agreed, whilst one other replied: ‘She never used to speak like this.’

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