‘Unfiltered’ Meghan Markle ‘ditches’ royal title for ‘celebrity’ identity

Unfiltered’ Meghan Markle ‘ditches’ royal title for ‘celebrity’ identity

Meghan Markle is dissing her royal status to create a new identity, says expert.

The Duchess of Sussex, who introduced herself a just Meghan during the first episode of Archetypes, ditches her royal honours to establish a new image.

Speaking about the move, royal expert Daniela Elser noted how the Duchess is riding on a high profile celebrity plane

“Most notably, absent from all the media shots was the royal title she picked up on her wedding day back in 2018.

“The message we are meant to take away is that this is Meghan. Raw. Unfiltered. Unleashed.

“In ditching her title, here we have Meghan’s ascension (at her behest or Spotify’s marketing team, I wonder?) to mononym status, an ostensible thrusting of herself to the highest celebrity plane like Oprah or Beyonce.

“And the project responsible for this elevation? The podcast that represents the starting gun being fired on Brand Sussex launching itself full-tilt into the American entertainment market?” concluded Elser.

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