Queen holding ‘intense talks’ with Andrew over royal fate: Insider

The Queen is reportedly scratching her head over Prince Andrew’s fate in the royal family.

The Duke of York, who was banished after his involvement in sexually assaulting Virginia Giuffre and ties with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, is looking to regain his respect in the eyes of Britons.

The Sun on Sunday revealed that the 96-year-old called Prince Andrew for “intense talks”, a source said.

“He has had discussions with the Queen about what he can do with his life.

“But there are also wider family discussions,” the source added.

Earlier, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams noted that the father-of-two is keen on getting centre position in the monarchy.

He told Express.co.uk: “Andrew is in the background, though he is trying to arrange a comeback and it is getting him nowhere.

“He has to accept that, at 62, he has no future public role. The Royal Family have to create one for him, such as managing the royal estates.”

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