Prince Harry, Meghan Markle causing Prince Charles ‘severe stress’

Experts warn Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about the ‘severe distress’ they’ve caused Prince Charles.

This revelation has been made by royal commentator Russell Myers, according to Express UK.

He began by noting how “severely damaging and distressing” Meghan Markle’s comments will be to Prince Charles and admitted, “He offered them an olive branch on several occasions; ‘come and stay at my house’.”

While addressing the possible relationship dynamic between Prince Harry and his dad now, Mr Myers added, “I think the bridges are already burned – there will be absolutely no way back from them.”

“There seems to be confusion in some headlines about this quote in The Cut interview. I understand that Prince Harry is actually referring to Meghan’s loss of her own father, and Meghan is saying she doesn’t want Harry to lose his.”

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