Nora Fatehi reveals ‘biggest red flag’ in any relationship

Nora Fatehi opens up about biggest red flags in a relationship 

Nora Fatehi, in her new interview has opened up about the biggest red flags she has seen in relationships. She also talked about the ‘pettiest’ thing one can do after a breakup.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, she said, “The biggest red flag in a guy is disappearing. Not ghosting, like he will talk to you a lot today and tomorrow, and then for five days he is quiet, and then he will come back again and talk to you, like intense, and then he disappears again. Then you know he is talking to more than one girl… (when asked if this happens with her) I don’t know. I am saying generally.”

In addition to it, she also revealed what is the pettiest thing one can do after breakup. She said, “I have not done anything petty yet. I was thinking of doing one. I think something petty is telling people the business, the person’s private business. I think that is really petty,” Nora said.

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