Netflix’s upcoming series ‘The Sandman’ to reveal the ‘Destiny’ and ‘Delirium’

Netflix’s upcoming series ‘The Sandman’ to reveal the ‘Destiny’ and ‘Delirium’

Netflix’s The Sandman is ready to reveal Destiny and Delirium of the Endless in the upcoming season, after creating hype among the audience.

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman has been trending on Netflix ever since its release in early August and has become quite popular on Netflix.

The plot revolves around an eternal being called Dreamer who is the Lord of the Dreams and has six siblings.

The first season brings Dream’s older sister Death into the limelight, after which two of his two younger twin siblings Desire and Despair are introduced.

In the season finale, Dream mentions two other siblings, Destiny and Delirium when he explains to Desire that humans manipulate the ‘Endless’ and wanted Despair, Desire, and Delirium to remember that.

The audience again hears their names when Dream threatens Desire by saying, “Do you believe yourself strong enough to stand against me, against Death, against Destiny?”

For those unversed, Destiny is the eldest member of the Endless and he has a maze-like garden realm with a book shackled to his wrist that contains the events of the future and past.

Meanwhile, Delirium is the youngest of all, with a realm consisting of an everchanging mixture of formless shapes and colours.

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