Meghan Markle may start writing books

Psychic Jasmine Rose Anderson, in conversation with Daily Star, claimed that the Duchess of Sussex is set to leave acting behind and switch to a different career.

According to Jasmine, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan would start writing books instead of securing her deal with Netflix.

When asked if the Sussexes should be securing their Netflix deal and if it is a good idea, Psychic Jasmine Rose Anderson responded as saying that the public are going to “love it” unlike the other royals.

“I do see tension around this. It won’t make many people in the royal family happy and I feel it will be heavily censored- there will be a lot they can’t say. The public will love it,” she said.

She added: “I see Meghan coming out with a few books around her views on things and around motherhood. I see three series. She wants them to follow their hearts and make their own decisions.”

To a question, Jasmine replied: “I see her laughing and rolling her eyes. Diana and Meghan would have been good friends I feel.”

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