Meghan Markle left royal aide ‘feeling sick’ out of fear

Meghan Markle allegedly left a royal staffer ‘feeling sick’ due to her ‘bullying’

Meghan Markle allegedly left a royal staffer ‘feeling sick’ once at the thought of confronting the Duchess of Sussex about her ‘bullying’.

The claim has been made in a new French documentary, titled Red Line: William and Harry, The Enemy Brothers, which features several accounts and narrations detailing the extent of Meghan’s alleged bullying of royal staff.

At one point, the documentary claims: “The Duchess seems intent on always having someone as a target. She’s bullying Y, and seeking to undermine her confidence.”

“We have had report after report from people who have been witnessing this unacceptable behaviour towards Y,” it adds.

It also quoted The Times royal correspondent Valentine Low as saying: “There was a person who was so terrified by a conversation she was about to have with Meghan that she said, ‘I feel sick’. Some of these young women have been broken.”

The claims come just months after Buckingham Palace refused to the release the findings of an investigation into claims of Meghan bullying royal aides and even driving some of them to resignation.

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