Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seemingly shun what the critics say

Prince Harry and her wife Meghan Markle have apparently turned deaf ears to the critics  as they appear more confident after every criticism.

Particularly, the Duchess of Sussex seems to go ahead with her narrative, and   does not want to bear  the pain of keeping the untold stories inside.

It has been over two years since the couple stepped down as senior royals and moved to the US to become financially independent.

The Duchess, in her latest interview with The Cut, touched on her life as a working member of the Royal Family. However critics take  it as an stunt for popularity, earning money and  fulfilling her  deals  with the streaming giants.  

Royal expert Russell Myers has claimed that Meghan is speaking “complete fantasy”, particularly in reference, suggesting the Sussexes are under pressure to deliver captivating content because of “these contracts to fulfill” with Spotify and Netflix.

Speaking of Meghan’s chat with the  US magazine, Mr Myers told Sunrise: “The whole thing, in this article, is complete fantasy.

“Talking about how there would be photographers at their doorstep, they couldn’t exist in a normal life within the Royal Family.

“It’s not only hurtful, it’s farcical as well.”

He added: “I think, certainly, they’ve got these contracts to fulfill and that’s why they keep on drudging these old stories up. They are becoming further and further damaging, unfortunately.”

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