Hrithik Roshan ‘Krishh’ inspired by The Lord of the Rings

 Hrithik Roshan has confessed in an interview that The Lord of the Rings, a well-known fantasy film series, served as the inspiration for Krishh, India’s first superhero film.

Hrithik revealed the connection between The Lord of the Rings and Krishh while speaking about the recently released trailer of the prequel of the famous franchise, The Rings of Power

Krishh star said, “There’s a little connection between me and The Lord of The Rings that I don’t think anybody knows. On one random day in 2004, my dad put on The Lord of The Rings, part one. He saw the film and couldn’t stop. He saw part two and couldn’t stop and saw part three. And then he gave me a call and he couldn’t stop talking about the way they used this incredible idea and then had this progression which was so incredible. [And he asked] ‘Why can’t we do that?’ So, I said, ‘yeah, but what are you talking about?’ Then, he said ‘Why can’t we take Koi… Mil Gaya, which is one of our previous films, and have a progression?’ And that was the birth of Krrish. So, if there was no The Lord of The Rings, there would be no Krrish.”

Krishh 4 is to be directed and written by Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan. The sources claimed earlier that shooting for Krishh 4 would begin in June this year.

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