Demi Lovato breaks silence on rumoured diss song about ex Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovato breaks silence on rumoured diss song about ex Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovato broke silence on her latest song 29 in which the singer seemed to have criticised her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama for dating her as a teenager.

The Sorry Not Sorry hit-maker did not confirm the rumours if the hit song is about Valderrama or not during a recent chat with Zane Lowe in Apple Music interview.

“When I turned 29, I remember I was on vacation and I just realized I’m 29 now, and it put things into perspective. It put everything into perspective,” she said while discussing the song.

“And I’m very careful with the way that I answer these questions because I feel like the song says it all,” said Lovato, who recently resumed using she/her pronouns.

The singer-songwriter went on to say that after turning 29 and attending a rehab program, she gained new insight and wanted to turn it into a song.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a ton of anxiety about putting out this song. I just said, ‘I have to go for this. I have to own my truth,'” Lovato continued. “And I do still walk that line very finely.”

“I’ve learned that sometimes saying less is more. And it’s taken me to 30 years old to maybe learn that,” she shared with the host.

Concluding her statement, she added, “But here I am approaching the way that I express myself differently in front of the media because it’s okay to have boundaries.”

Lovato seemingly threw shade on her ex-boyfriend, whom she dated at age 18 when he was 29, in new breakup song, over their shocking age-gap relationship.

“Finally 29 / Funny, just like you were you at the time,” Lovato sings. “Thought it was a teenage dream / Just a fantasy / But was it yours or was it mine?”

“Just five years of bleeders, student and a teacher / Far from innocent / what the f**k’s consent? / Numbers told you not to / but that didn’t stop you,” the 29-year-old croons.

Lovato dated the now 42-year-old actor from 2010 to 2016.

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