Amber Heard’s sister reacts to Johnny Depp’s appearance at VMAs

Amber Heard’s sister Whitney, who testified at the defamation trial against Johnny Depp, blasted  MTV for honouring the Pirates of The Caribbean star at VMAs.

Whitney slammed MTV as ‘disgusting’ after Hollywood star Johnny Depp featured at the VMAs.

Depp, who emerged victorious in his defamation trial against his ex-wife Heard in June, made a series of virtual appearances as the MTV Moonman mascot at the awards show.

Reacting to the actor’s appearances, the Aquman star’s sister took to Instagram and wrote: “@MTV you’re disgusting and clearly desperate!”

She added: “I really hope that none of the people that made this call have daughters.”

Amber Heard’s sister reacts to Johnny Depps appearance at VMAs

Heard’s sister went on to tag #DVMAs (with ‘DV’ often used as an abbreviation for ‘domestic violence’) and #IStandWithAmberHeard.

Earlier this year, Depp successfully sued Heard for an opinion piece in which she discussed her experience with domestic abuse.

Amber Heard’s sister reacts to Johnny Depps appearance at VMAs

A jury eventually found in Depp’s favor and awarded him $10million, while Heard was given $2m after winning one count of her $100m countersuit claims.

With his victory, Depp has marked his comeback to filmmaking, and signed some new business deals with the world’s famous fashion brands.

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