How to Submit High-Value Cheque Details Via SBI YONO, Net Banking

SBI Positive Pay: Positive Pay is a concept that entails reconfirming critical data on large-value checks. The issuer of the cheque provides some minimal details of the cheque like date, name of the beneficiary/payee, amount, etc. to the drawee bank via electronic channels such as SMS, mobile app, online banking, ATM, and so on, which are then cross-checked with the presented cheque by CTS.

State Bank of India (SBI) customers who wish to use the service must first register their cheque-operated accounts for the Positive Pay System through one of our branches by submitting an application in the prescribed format. There are additional channels available for registration, including Mobile Banking (YonoLite), Retail Internet Banking (RINB), Corporate Internet Banking (CINB), and YONO (Mobile App).

According to the SBI website, “ Customers need to select an account level limit for registration. This can be any amount depending on customers’ risk perception. However, Bank is planning to make Positive Pay System mandatory for Savings Bank account cheques of Rs.5 lakhs & above and all other account types (Current Account/Cash Credit/Overdraft) cheques of Rs.10 lakhs & above. As such, once the mandatory clauses are made effective, the maximum account level limits which can be selected would be the amounts mentioned above. All the registrations already made above the mandatory limits would be brought down to the mandatory level on the effective date.”

How to submit SBI Positive Pay Online through SBI YONO App?

Step 1: Open SBI YONO Lite App

Step 2: Login using credentials

Step 3: tap and open the “Services” section

Step 4: Click on “Positive Pay System”

Step 5: Click on “Cheque Lodgement Details”

Step 6: Select your account number

Step 7: Enter the cheque number, instrument type, date of issue of cheque, cheque amount

Step 8: Submit details.

How to confirm using Mobile Banking?

Customers who have registered for SBI Quick must text the following message to the virtual mobile number +917208933145. According to the customer’s SBI Quick registration, an account number will be taken.
CHQL Cheque NoAmountDate of Issuance in
DDMMYYYYY/N (Multi City/Normal)Beneficiary Name

How to submit Positive Pay in SBI through Online?

Step 1: Log in to SBI net banking

Step 2: Click on Cheque Book Services

Step 3: Click Positive Pay Services

Step 4: Select your account number

Step 5: Enter the cheque number, instrument type, amount, cheque date, and payee name

Step 6: Submit.

When the beneficiary submits the cheque for encashment after submitting positive pay to SBI, the details of the check are confirmed against the information entered by the customer on the positive pay portal.

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